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Building and Development Services Pty Ltd

1st Floor, 4 Gloucester Avenue
Berwick 3806, Victoria.
Phone: 03 9707 2179
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A Building Consulting Practice

Building permits

Building Development Services Pty Ltd is registered to issue building permits through out Victoria. All works including, dwellings, garages, verandahs, pools and spas, industrial and commercial projects, shop and office fit outs.

Essential Safety and Service Reports

All commercial and Industrial buildings through out Victoria are required by law to service and maintain all essential safety components of their buildings. This includes preparing a maintenance manual tabulating the servicing and inspections undertaken throughout the year, and an annual report certifying this had been carried out Building Development Services Pty Ltd can prepare these documents for you to assist you in compliance with your legal obligations.

Owner Builder Reports

Owner builders are required to obtain an inspection report of any works they have undertaken if they wish to sell their property,within the warranty period. Building Development Services Pty Ltd are able to inspect and prepare 137B reports for you to satisfy this requirement.

Illegal Works

If you find that your property has had some building work undertaken without the necessary building permits, Building Development Services Pty Ltd may be able to assist you in resolving this matter to the satisfaction of the local municipality.

Energy Efficiency Assessments
(Commercial and Industrial Building)

Part J of the Building Code of Australia requires all new building works to satisfy energy efficiency requirements. Building Development Services Pty Ltd can undertake an assessment of your proposal and check it for compliance with these regulations

Modifications, Appeals, Alternate Solutions and
Performance based building solutions

Building regulations are structured in manner so that if your design does not meet the regulative “deemed to satisfy” criteria then a formal request for a different solution can be applied for. Building Development Services Pty Ltd are able to assist in these applications to achieve a more appropriate design outcome for your proposal.

General Consultancy

Building Development Services Pty Ltd have expertise across a wide range of building matters and are able to provide advice and written reports to assist you in any development or building issue you may have.