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Kerry Doherty B.Bus
Chris Doherty M.B.A., B.Eng.
Rebecca Doherty B.App.Sc. Planning

Building and Development Services Pty Ltd

1st Floor, 4 Gloucester Avenue
Berwick 3806, Victoria.
Phone: 03 9707 2179
Fax: 03 9707 5683

Building and Development Services Pty Ltd

Are a building consulting practice which offer a broad range of professional services to the building industry.

Technical advice, project management services and building surveying are among the range of services offered. has been developed by BDS to take advantage of the modern communication technology available and the skill sets of BDS

BDS is able to issue building permits in all municipalities within the State of Victoria, and is pleased to discuss any other matters of professional building services.

Trevor Doherty M.App.Sc., P.G.Dip.Bld. Surv., G.Dip.Eng. is the principal of BDS and is a Chartered Builder and Building Surveyor, registered with the Building Commission of Victoria.

Trevor has over 30 years experience in the construction industry and can provide professional support and advice on a wide range of matters in the building industry.